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Our Specialist Treatments

At Soothing Dragons we pride ourselves in specialising in some of the most exciting and revolutionary specialist alternative treatment methods - all of which are supported by medical professionals! 

Our treatment plans include SCENAR, kinesiology, Violet Ray as well as many more holistic and natural healing methods.

We have more information on all of our specialist treatment plans below!

Tesla's Violet Ray

The Violet Ray is a machine that was originally developed by scientist Nikola Tesla. It is essentially a small Tesla coil with a glass electrode at one end, that puts out high-frequency electricity.

This electricity can penetrate under the layer of fat cells in the skin, thus stimulating the immune system and relieve tendon/muscle strain.

Upon penetration of the skin, there is also absolutely no risk of damage to the body due to the usage of inert argon gas and a non-harmful frequency of electromagnetic waves, in UV light - as certified by the BMA and FDA!

In an age where drug therapies are king and older remedies are disparage, the continuing FDA approval of the Violet Ray as anti-aging and as an aid for skin conditions goes to show how valuable this treatment method truly can be!

 Violet Ray usage in cancer treatment

What would you say if healthcare authorities started to promote ultraviolet light as a cancer treatment, or prescribe regular exposure to sunshine as vital to our survival? The fact is – there is a historical basis for these health therapies!

Since the inception of Tesla's Violet ray, there have been multiple scientific sources suggesting that it is an incredibly useful tool for reversing stage 4 breast cancer, when used in contingency with chemotherapy (a recent case of this successful treatment was reported by the established scientist Professor Magda Havas, as seen in the following link).

Integrative Therapeutic Options for Treating Stage Four Breast Cancer.pdf (

SCENAR therapy

SCENAR stands for self-controlled neuroadaptive regulator, it is one of the most advanced pieces of pain relief treatment technology currently available. Using a low current electrical current, SCENAR can stimulate all of your nerve fibres, helping with sports injuries, arthritis, back pain and inflammation as well as many other conditions. Due to the low current of the electricity, it is entirely safe and the treatment is long lasting


Functional kinesiology

Functional kinesiology combines traditional kinesiology with the latest scientific research into nutrition and emotion. The practice has six key aspects

- Stress & adrenal health

- Blood sugar balancing

- Digestive health

- Immune system health

- Emotional wellbeing

- Hormone balancing

Our holistic and natural approach

At Soothing Dragons, we see all of our clients as individuals and treat everyone on a case by case basis. The human body is so complex and so many things can go wrong, meaning that treatment and pain relief is often not as much of a 'one size fits all' as the drug-centric medicinal practice that is followed today.

When you enquire at Soothing Dragons, we take the time to consult with you why you would like treatment and what's currently going on in your life. After we understand the bigger picture, we can then help to create the perfect afternoon of relaxation and healing for you. After working with clients for 5 years, we have found this to be the most effective way to achieve maximum results with our clients.

We also ensure that all of our treatments and the products we use are 100% natural, as supported by scientific research.


Enquire below to book your afternoon of relaxation

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