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Welcome to Soothing Dragons rustic Spa

My name is Rowan and Soothing Dragons is the birth of my dream to share my vision of health, well being & fun. My vision is evolving & growing all the time, fluid like nature. I wish to combine old  partially lost ways of healing with new technologies.

Close to ancient Stonehenge.

Nestled in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside is our Rustic spa.

The vision was created in the hope you can relax in this scared space, reconnect with yourself

&  nature while detoxing, revitalising & aligning your body.

With all the intensities & pressures of modern life  Soothing Dragons is a retreat, a haven to find your inner self.

Centre yourself, rest and enjoy all we have here to offer.


About the Spa


“What a refreshing experience in a lovely location. I felt very welcome and the Hot tub and Sauna were great.”


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